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September 2014

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* Aladdin Auditions
* Fall Pot Luck and General Meeting
* Recognition Awards
* 2014-2015 Executive
* Pioneer Drama Newsletter



NFLT Executive Members 2014-2015

Brian Robertson

Past President
Nina Jenkins

Sandra Robertson

Secretary – Pam Woods

Members at Large
Sally Angle
Peggy Muldoon
Doug MacIntyre

Student Rep. – Joelle Parr







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Playbill 2014 - 2015


AUDITIONS FOR ALADDIN and his Wonderful, Magical Lamp -
FINAL CALL Tuesday, September 2nd, Wednesday, September 3rd, Thursday, September 4th - 7 pm to 9 pm on the stage at GREC:

DIRECTOR - Brian Robertson
6-8 high school students
6-8 elementary school students
6-8 adults
- Early Bird: August 18th - 22nd
- Final: September 2nd - 5th

Hop on a flying carpet to visit the exciting city of Shammar in Old Arabia! Meet the adventurous Aladdin and his mischievous monkey, Alakazam.
Aladdin’s mother and sister are at their wit’s end trying to get Aladdin to settle down. It’s not easy, especially with merchants and neighbors complaining about Aladdin’s tricks.
One day Aladdin meets the beautiful Princess Jasmine and vows he will marry her. Aladdin, however, is visited by the evil magician, Jammal, and his wicked sister, Halima. They know that only a boy named Aladdin can enter the mysterious cave, which houses a strange lamp containing a genie who will grant Jammal all the power he craves.

You’ll meet not one, but three genies, the whining Ali ’Bubba’ and his umbrella, the fire-breathing dragon and the haughty Sultan’s wife.
This musical fantasy will delight audiences of all ages.


Fall Potluck and Meeting
Come one and all to the NFLT fall potluck followed by our General Meeting, on Monday, September 15th in our hall at Tichborne.

6:00 pm - potluck
6:30 pm - General Meeting
* introduce new executive
* update on Tichborne Hall organization
* update on our Trillium grant proposal
* update on our fall and spring productions
* update on the Recognition Evening
* update on membership drive
* other items

Lifetime Recognition Awards
NFLT proudly announces the recipients for this year's NFLT Lifetime Recognition Awards:
* Pam Giroux
* Craig Godfrey
* Doug and Lynda Boulter
* Karen Strong

Pioneer Drama Newsletter
Through the president's subscription to the Pioneeer Drama Newsletter, we receive a variety of advice and insight into the world of Drama. The July 23rd, 2013 edition included this article on casting:

By Kathleen Wallace

The daughter of an English and drama teacher, Kathleen Wallace fell in love with theatre around the same time she learned to walk. She began writing, performing and directing her own plays in kindergarten, but since then has added a BA from Yale and an MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory among her many other theatrical credits.

My third year in drama school, my classmates and I anxiously awaited the casting of our final project. When the cast list was finally posted, I was devastated. I had been relegated to a number of small parts — many of them male. We were doing a play with a large, male-heavy cast. Intellectually I knew that someone was going to play those parts. Though my brain understood that, my ego still ached.

Not everyone can play the lead. Actors crave attention, and playing one of the bigger roles in the show is a great way to get attention. But just because you’re not a lead doesn’t mean you won’t be seen. Forget the leads and concentrate on your own part. Make it your own, and you can shine. One of the joys of having a smaller part is that you can really detail your performance. How does your character walk? Talk? Blink? Roll the sleeves of your coat? You can endlessly add details to your character, and the more details you add, the more real the character. The more real the character, the more memorable the character. Revel in the details of your part. Commit to it fully. You may just be the person who steals the show!


The 2014 - 2015 NFLT Executive
President – Brian Robertson
Past President – Nina Jenkins
Secretary – Pam Woods
Treasurer – Sandy Robertson
Student Rep. – Joelle Parr
Members-at-large – Doug MacIntyre, Sally Angle, Peggy Muldoon


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